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Collection of short texts by Aleksandra Bielas accompanied by a drawing by Olga Pedan.

Written by Ms Bielas.
Unique font by Mr Horčík.
Drawing by Ms Pedan.
Designed by Mr Horčík and Mr Kohout.

Edition of 11,7kg.

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Read a poem by Ms Bielas in Driving Fast Nowhere for free.

Smoking Nurse

Photograped by Paul Jules Smith.

The very first printed collection of poetry by Matt Burt.

Written by Mr Burt.
Hosted by Mr Kohout.
Designed by Large, Paris.

Edition of 39,4 kg.

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Read a poem by Mr Burt in Driving Fast Nowhere for free.

About the book:
Smoking Nurse is the first printed selection of Matt Burt's poetry. Written during the late 90s for his spoken word performances, the pieces were a continuation of his earlier writings, which he recorded on a semi-broken micro-cassette player. These primitive recordings were later sampled by Burt's musician friend Helge Sten, which is how I found out about his work a decade ago. In the early 90s, Sten (later known as Deathprod) encouraged Burt to leave his job as a farm journalist for the second smallest newspaper in Wisconsin, USA, and move to Trondheim, Norway, to study at the local art academy. In 2004, Burt started his own band (Dog & Sky) and since has written and performed spoken word, music, and short stories, as well as collaborated with Norwegian bands like Motorpsycho and Spidergawd. Susanna and the Magical Orchestra covered his song These Days on their Melody Mountain album.

Through my 20s I returned occasionally to one of Burt’s and Sten’s collaborations, the chillingly minimalistic 6’15, released on Deathprod’s eponymous album in 2004. I have been coming back to it with an attachment that has only grown stronger with time. So when I found out there was no printed book of Burt’s writing, I felt it my duty as a publisher to bring it to you.


Sleep Cures Sleepiness

Presenting texts and thoughts by Ms Van Brabandt, Mr Fabuš, Mr. Haworth, Mr Kohout, Ms Kubolkaite & Mr Palm, Ms Mitropoulos, Ms Salinas & Mr Bergman, Mr Stevenson.

Put together and designed by Mr Kohout.
Mainly using fonts Danzza and Left from Heavyweight foundry.
Co-published with 1822-Forum.
ISBN: 978-3-945243-03-9

Edition of 59.5 kg.

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About the book:
For a major part of mankind’s history, time was not tracked and kept, but searched for and observed. It was understood by the pace of cyclic events and rhythms of bodies, crops, stars and solstices. When still measured by sundials, the length of hours changed throughout the year with the different inclination of Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

But with the increasing miniaturisation and mobilisation of time-keeping devices, time entered our bodies with the calculated precision of a laser cutter, letting in valorisation of heartbeats. Metabolism got worked around and natural cycles were either ignored or ‘genetically modified’. Time got flattened in a fashion pioneered by machines operating seamlessly around the clock and with speeds beyond human comprehension.

For this publication, contributors were invited to share notes on the gap that resists the unification of body rhythms, dreams and spontaneity with the tempo of machines, communication networks and calculable profit. Here is a song for the flesh under the attack of constant availability and no place to hide, information overload, omnipresent context advertising and fear of missing out.

Daylight Manual

as installed at Mr Kohout's solo exhibition 5006 years of daylight and silent adaptation at Exile, Berlin

Download files to print on loose A3 sheets in whatever order you like, preferably on both sides of the paper.


Driving Fast Nowhere email publication to accompany the same-titled exhibition at Polansky Gallery, Prague.

 Ms Lippard
  Mr Simmer
   Mr Haworth
    Ms Wold Lund
     Mr Kneale
      Ms Bielas
       Mr Burt
        Ms Hasselknippe
         Ms Durnak
        and Mr Mortensen

Hosted and designed by Mr Kohout.
Big thanks to Mr Dorpel.

Paulius Petraitis: The Significance of the Photographic Image in a Filmic Context

Most recent debates about the impact of digitalization on photography either advocate a rupture between analog and digital, or deny that there are any differences at all. The present project, however, wants to emphasize the continuity of several cultural aspects without denying the differences between the two ways of image-making. Paulius Petraitis’ text follows a trajetory around a less focused relation in film and photography and adds both to the so-called “classic” understanding of photographic images, as well as rejecting any rupture in the current cultural perception of photography.

— Sahar Askari

Edition of 37,5kg.
Read Introduction here.

Designed by Mr Dautin.
With a contribution by Mr Princen.
Installed by Mr Kohout.

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Flavia Spichtig: Serie von zehn Zeichnungen

Limited edition of 14.5kg packed in transparent plastic.

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Linear Manual


Featuring Ms Bonneviot, Ms Cooper, Mr Droitcour, Mr Fabuš, Mr Haworth, Ms Laube, Ms Marszewski, Mr Mečl, Mr Pieroni, Mr Quack, Mr Roelstraete, Ms Spjut, Mr Tang, Mr Thumfart, Mr Weijde and more.
Designed by Mr Svensson, hosted by Mr Kohout.
Co-published with PAF.

Edition of 55.2kg.

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Read online:
- Why We Need to Talk about the Stick Again: A Post-Deconstructivist Meditation by Mr. Thumfart
- Growing Up by Mr. Haworth
- Robots in the Commune by Brian Droitcour

Doubting, No. 4

This winter's (and the only ever published) hot issue of Doubting features Ms Baggs, Ms Bonajo, Mr Brož, Mr Contreras, Mr Fabuš, Mr Gorz, Mr Kosma, Ms Laube, Mr Mortensen, Mr Pallasvuo, Mr o F F, Mr Pěchouček, Ms Pošová, Mr Proulx and Mr Troemel. Edited and designed by Mr Kohout.

Edition of 33.2kg.

This publication is sold out, but there will be a free pdf released soon.

Read online:
- To Want to Be a Hesitant Seafarer by Mr Pabuš
- On (Anti)Disambiguation by Mr Proulx


for The (new&extended) Administration of Guilt
second edition

BW album of 4 solo exhibitions and 3 more works by Mr Kohout.

GIQA Appendix #2

A short essay written after the solo exhibition GIQA at Exile in Berlin, 2011.

GIQA Report No 1

edited by Mr Fabuš, form by Mr Svensson
to accompany the solo exhibition Glare Inland, Quiet Attachment by Mr Kohout at Exile, Berlin 2011
2 pages, 2 colors, riso print, free to take, edition of 200


Nothing Important Will Come

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